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Welcome!  If you are interested in the new Praxis Partners Consortium, see below for a bit more information about our group, and then go here for a lot more information.  This public group is for Friends, Affiliates, and Sponsors of Praxis -- and you are welcome to join us.  Our private sub-group for Full Members Only is also housed here on

We recently established this community so that like-minded professionals can find each other and work together.   We collaborate to bridge the gap in our social fabric that harms working people whose ability to work has been affected by injury, illness, or the progress of a chronic condition -- and harms their employers and society, too.   Workers whose lives have been shaken may be asking themselves really important questions  -- "Will I ever be able to work again?  What does this mean for my job and my future?".  But they may ignored or treated like a number, their reasonable needs ignored and unmet, left to fend for themselves in the maze of healthcare, workers' compensation, disability benefits and/or government programs.

We see the shortcomings of the narrow bio-medical model of illness as well as the social model of disability.  Instead, we have adopted a bio-psycho-socio-economic (BPSE or bip-see) model of sickness and disability to help guide our actions. 

Our Full Members have proven track records that demonstrate their commitment to doing the right thing and delivering good outcomes.  These professionals have expertise in many fields that can help people feel better and get their lives back on track as quickly and completely as possible.  We hope you will do business with them  – or get involved with Praxis in another way.

Who We Are

As professionals in a wide array of disciplines and work settings, we promote, provide, arrange, recommend, coordinate, approve, or purchase services that restore and enhance health, well-being and the ability to function, work, and participate fully in life for those who are injured, chronically ill, aging, or who have a disability.

Some of us are innovators and change agents; some are looking for better solutions; some simply do the right thing consistently and want to team up with others who "get it".  See more at Who We Are

If you would like more information or to get involved with Praxis in some way, go to


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